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Generate Treasure from Trash
A Reliable Waste Manager for all of your waste management solutions.


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ENd Product and Uses


Why US?

Humans generate more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste all over the world every year. Wet waste such as kitchen scraps and food waste, when mixed with other materials such as newspaper, plastic, cardboard diminishes the value thus the waste gets transported to a landfill. With mountains of landfill getting created every year we need to take action ASAP. For our future and the next generation we need to be responsible and take care of our environment as a responsible citizen. People who strive to take care of the environment are Klimrus (means 'Climate people'). We provide sustainable ways to dispose off the waste. 

How does it work?

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Waste is first Segregated

 Waste then 

added into composter through inbuilt shredder

Compost Storage

 Final output


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