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About us

We at Klimrus Sustainable Solutions provide sustainable and low cost solutions for organic waste disposal. Our Method is simple and yet effective. Waste is first segregated into dry and wet waste. Wet waste collected it then shredded into smaller particles in order to catalyse composting. We utilise Solar energy to effectively convert wet waste into compost. We manufacture and Install such machines to ensure you meet the necessary compliances( SWM rules 2016) or simply install machines for the benefit of environment. 

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Our Team


I am an engineer who has a track record of working in the manufacturing sector. I have worked with companies prior which dealt with machines that work to alleviate problems in the  environment. I have 2 years experience in waste management and another 2 years in maintenance of Control panels and motors. I assure that the machines built by me are of great quality to ensure smooth operation. I am fully devoted to the cause of making environmentally sustainable devices for the masses.


I have a masters degree in Sustainability Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. I have also Worked in the field of Climate change and Recycling Sector for 2 years. I am a committed to create great products that are affordable and highly effective in the field of sustainable technologies. 

Rutvick Pedamkar, MD 

Sandip Patil, Cto

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