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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Does the Machine requires Electricity?
    The Klimrus Solar composting Machine does not require Electrical connection. It will work on Solar energy. However the Shredder Machine provided with the system will require electricity. Don't worry the electrical consumption the net unit consumption is very low ranging from 1-2 units per day.
  • How much is the space required?
    Composting Machine requires a minimum space of 6 * 6 feet including operation of the machine.
  • What is customer's scope for the installation?
    Customers needs to ensure a electrical connection for the shredder ( Single phase/3 phase). They would also need to ensure a shaded area for the shredder and the storage of compost in order to protect it from the rains.
  • How long does it take for composting?
    The composting process is initiated once the waste is shredded into small particles. The machine finishes the composting process in 6 days. The Semi compost from the machine has a high temperature of 60 degrees celcius. Hence it is kept for curing process for 5- 10 days to cool the compost.
  • Warranty on the compost machine?
    We offer 1 year warranty on the compost machines and charge AMC after 1 year depending on the installation. We offer quick and prompt service in case of any problems.
  • Do you offer training for operation of the machines.
    Yes. We do offer Initial training for machine operation on the day of installation or any day the client chooses. We offer detailed traning with instruction videos to the housekeeping staff.

Billing & Pricing

Kindly mail us your requirements at or contact us directly at 9930396032/ 8605639442

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