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Solar Compost Machine

Klimrus Solar Compost Machine is a Semi automatic Compost Machine which converts your wet waste to compost in 6 days. A shredder machine would be also provided separately to enable fast composting process. Smart sensors embedded in the control panel control temperature, input power to provide a stable environment to the bacteria to catalyse the compost production. The machine works on solar energy to eliminate electricity consumption. In case solar energy is not adequate specially (e.g-during rainy season) The machine will still work if the compost formed during the summers is added during the rainy season. Aerobic composting will remove any bad odour from the waste and will reduce the waste by 50-60 percent from its original volume. 

Machines are available in following capacities.(Waste generated daily)

1. 50 kg/day 

2. 100 kg /day 

3. 150 kg/day 

4. 200 kg/day

5. 300 kg/day 

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